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Fantasias for Theremin & String Quartet - out Oct 14


Carolina Eyck composed six Fantasias specifically for the 12” vinyl LP format. All performances were recorded in full takes with no editing. American Contemporary Music Ensemble (ACME) tracked Eyck’s scores first, and then Eyck overdubbed her deft, fluid, single-take improvisations—thus the fitting title Fantasias. The result is an organic virtuosity that leads the listener through a wide range of sonic environments across the six pieces.

The album will be available on CD, high-quality download (44.1k and 96k), and a limited edition green vinyl LP on Butterscotch Records!

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Concert at Morgenland Festival with Theremin and Oud


For many musicians who have flown from their home countries in the face of war, relocating and building networks, as well as finding a new ‘home’ – musically and personally – is an existentially important task. This can only be achieved through encounters and exchanges. The Morgenland Festival Osnabrück offers a forum for these encounters and, by including the public, breathes life into them. These encounters are a mission and a blessing for both sides.

The opening concert of the Festivals 12th edition is a programme of opposites, which could hardly be any more contrasting.

In 1920 the Russian, Lew Termen, who called himself Theremin when he moved to the USA, developed the instrument which was named after him. It is played, without touching the instrument, by varying the distance between the hands and two aerials, whereby one hand controls the pitch and the other the volume. The notes produced are infinite in their variety, which means that the Theremin would seem to be predestined to play the Arabian Muqam music with its typical “micro-tones”. The Sorbian Theremin virtuoso Carolina Eyck was the first to use this capability. Together with the Syrian Oud player, Aktham Abou Fakher, she will present a fascinating combination of electronic sound and traditional Arabian music during the opening concert.

The Syrian Expat Philharmonic Orchestra was founded by the Syrian double bass player, Raed Jazbeh, and gave its debut in the Sendesaal Bremen in 2015. The orchestra unites Syrian musicians who had to flee from their home country because of the war. Members of this young ensemble will play together with the Morgenland Chamber Orchestra, under the Turkish conductor, Naci Özgüc. Other extraordinary and outstanding guests include the counter tenor Kai Wessel, the trumpeter Milad Khawam and the violinists Maias Alyamani and Lenka Zupkova.

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Theremin Summer Academy Colmar: July 13-17, 2016


You can now register for the next Theremin Academy by Thierry Frenkel and Carolina Eyck which will be held in Colmar, France from July 13-17, 2016. During these days we will offer individual and group lessons, workshops, Thierry's theremin repair shop and concerts. 

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Theremin Spring Academy Leipzig: March 30 - April 3, 2016


The next Spring Academy in Leipzig/Germany will be held by Thierry Frenkel and Carolina Eyck from March 30 - April 3, 2016. During these days we will offer individual and group lessons, workshops, Thierry's theremin repair shop and concerts. 

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April 1 / 19:00 / " Deutsch-Syrischer Abend" Carolina Eyck (theremin), Aktham Abou Fakher (oud), Volker Hemke (bass clarinet) and Adel Karasholi (speaker) / Oberlichtsaal, Stadtbibliothek
April 3 / 14:00 / Private Students concert at Lyzeum für Klavier


Workshop (also online available via live-stream):

April 3 / 15:00 / "Basics & First Aid" with Thierry Frenkel and Carolina Eyck at Lyzeum für Klavier

We would be very happy to welcome you to our academy!




Theremin Session Paintings


Hi everyone!

Some months ago, I started a video series called  Theremin Sessions. My purpose was to present the theremin to everybody interested and show its great variety in music and sounds. If you have watched it, you might have noticed that the video background changed for almost every session. I created the setting myself and added a new coat of paint to the canvases for every video.

There are now 11 layers on 11 canvases and they look very alive to me, so I thought it was time to present them to you. They are a total work of art, but can also be seen as individual paintings.

The next layer of color will be put on canvas before the first Theremin Session in January 2016. If you would like to purchase one of the paintings in its current state, contact me and send me an offer! :) Click here to see all paintings in detail.

See you soon! 


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German-born musician and composer Carolina Eyck is one of the world’s foremost theremin virtuosi. After her debut in the Berlin Philharmonic... ( read more )

The theremin is an early electronic musical instrument controlled without physical contact from the player. It is played without being touched.
Along with playing orchestra and chamber music  worldwide, Carolina's projects include collaborations with guitar, jazz band and classical piano.

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