Theremin Spring Academy Leipzig

25th to 27th April, 2014

The first Theremin Spring Academy in Leipzig is held by Carolina Eyck and Thierry Frenkel. It serves as a prelude to the Summer Academy (held in Colmar, France). The program will consist of concerts and workshops, group lessons and individual lessons. All workshops will be open to the public and will be streamed live on the internet. The live stream will be for free. Some of the group lessons will be picked up during the 5th Theremin Summer Academy (Colmar) and during the Without Touch Festival 6.0 (Lippstadt), concluding in a public concert in Lippstadt.

You can find our registration form on the bottom of the page.


Time Table

Friday, 25th of April

  • 9am to 6pm: time for individual lessons, group lessons and Thierry's repair shop
  • 7:30pm: "Meet and Greet" at Liveclub Telegraph with the Carolina Eyck Quartet, followed by Open Stage for all thereminists

Saturday, 26th of April

Sunday, 27th of April

  • 9am to 2pm: time for individual lessons, group lessons and Thierry's repair shop
  • 11am to 1pm: Discovery tour through the city on the "Leipzig Music Trail"
  • 2pm to 3:30pm: Student's concert (entry only for Academy Participants) and Farewell

Main venue for lessons, workshops and Student's concert:

alma en vuelo
Holbeinstr. 29
04229 Leipzig

Leipzig has its own airport so it's easily reachable either by car, train or plane. The venue is located in Leipzig-Schleußig. You can reach it by using Tram 1 from main station ("Hauptbahnhof", destination "Lausen"), getting off at "Stieglitzstraße". Then turn right (north-west) into Stieglitzstraße until the end of the road, where you find our venue next to the "Kesselhaus" on the right corner. Click here for Google Maps. If you would like to take a walk between lessons, you can enjoy our big "Clara Zetkin Park" right next door.

On Sunday we will have to be out of the venue by 4pm because there will be Tango lessons afterwards. :-)


Lessons and Workshops

Individual lessons by Carolina Eyck

"Classical" solo theremin playing, jazz, improvisation or individual program (please specify) - For intermediate level and advanced players, 1 hour per lesson

Individual lessons by Thierry Frenkel

"Classical" solo theremin playing and/or duet training - For beginners and intermediate level players, 1 hour per lesson

Group lessons by Carolina Eyck

Improvisation (techniques and structures to develop your own Improvisation style) - All levels, 1 hour per lesson

Group lessons by Thierry Frenkel

Different classes for ensemble beginners and for people who have already participated in one of my ensemble classes last year
. All participants are required to read music and be able to play simple melodies within a range of one to one and a half octave.
Chamber music is a very different challenge compared to solo performance with or without accompaniment and poses totally different musical requirements. It's still more difficult with the theremin: The setup should already avoid interference, the own acoustical response and harmonic position inside the ensemble are extreme challenges. - All levels, 2 x 1 hour

Workshop: Understanding your Theremin with Thierry Frenkel (26th of April, 3pm)

Understanding your theremin, optimized setup and tuning - All levels

The participants will learn, even without being graduate engineers, how their theremin works, what happens inside, where critical components are located, which external factors have which influence, and how they can use this knowledge and understanding to get optimal playability and linearity results through best setup and tuning.

You do not need to own an instrument to attend this workshop.

Workshop: Theremin Playing Technique with Carolina Eyck (26th of April, 4:30pm)

Interactive theremin workshop - All levels

Carolina invites everybody to participate and try out several exercises for the right and left hand technique on the theremin. Beside basic exercises she'll also explain her 8-finger-position playing technique. Every participant in the audience is invited to come up on the stage to try out the excercises. If you've never played a theremin before, you can get some guidance with the first steps here.

We will have a nice improvisation session at the end of the workshop. The most important part of this Workshop is having fun - so it's really suitable for beginners and experts alike.

This workshop will be streamed live on the internet including a live chat. Viewer may ask additional questions during the live stream. Of course we cannot promise to answer all questions. During the live stream the camera will always be centered on the stage, so the privacy of the participants will be respected.

Participants do not need to own an instrument to attend this workshop. If you want to buy your own theremin later, we can give you recommendations of course. For more information please read the FAQ.

Live Stream


Here is the web address for our live stream:

Please note: you can watch and chat without having to login in. If the website asks you to log-in, just click on the X in the top right corner of the login prompt.

We will show the two public work shops from Saturday on the live stream. So please tune in on April 26th from 3pm CEST. :)


Thierry Frenkel's Theremin repair shop

Get your Theremin repaired and upgraded by Thierry Frenkel

Thierry's theremin repair, upgrade and tuning shop will be open when he has no lessons. Overnight work is possible on demand. The electronic components of a theremin are subject to tolerances and aging. It also happens often that brand new instruments come to market, whose playability are not optimal. A systematic retuning of the oscillators makes sure that you get a differentiated volume response on one side and a better linearity on the other side. The pitch range may be extended towards higher frequencies if you wish so. The repair shop will also be ready to make more complex repairs or install add-on modules.



Friday: Carolina Eyck Quartet + Open Stage, 7:30pm at Liveclub Telegraph

Saturday: Carolina Eyck and Christopher Tarnow, 7:30pm at Gohliser Schlösschen

Sunday: Student's Concert, 2pm at alma en vuelo
This will be the grand finale of our festival. Every theremin student can show his or her musical progress and afterwards share their experiences.


More Information


Our registration form can be found below. Please understand that formal registration is needed, so that we can set up a schedule and guarantee a smooth organization.

The earlier you register the best we can plan the timetable following your wishes! :-)


  • No registration fee
  • 60 minutes individual lesson (Carolina/Thierry): 50€
  • 60 minutes group lesson with Carolina: 20€ p.p.
  • 2x 60 minutes group lesson with Thierry: 40€ p.p.
  • 60 minutes of Thierry's Workshop "Understanding your Theremin" (not Repair Shop): 5€ p.p.
  • 90 minutes of Carolina's Workshop "Theremin Playing Technique": 5€ p.p.
  • "Music Trail" / "Notenspur": 5€ p.p.
  • Friday concert (Telegraph Live Club): no fees, please donate on-location
  • Saturday concert (Gohliser Schlösschen): 15€/12,50€, limited seats - please reserve
  • Sunday concert (Student's concert): no fees
  • Thierry's Repair Shop / Theremin repair, upgrade, modification, tuning: please contact Thierry at service(at)theremin(dot)tf, describe your problem and/or wishes to get a quote.


Q: What is a theremin?
A: The theremin is a musical intrument that is played without being touched. You can read all about the theremin here.

Q: Do I need to bring my own theremin?
A: For the workshops you don't need to bring your own theremin. But for invidual lessons and group lessons you will need to bring your own theremin.

Q: I want to buy my own theremin before attending the academy. Which one do you recommend?
A: For beginners we recommend a Moog Etherwave Standard or Moog Etherwave Plus. For optimal performance you should get the ESPE01 module by Thierry Frankel. Just contact Thierry or use the Academy registration form.


Leipzig is a beautiful city attracting many tourists and business people. Due to the regular trade fairs there is always a lot of activity in and around the city. There is no trade fair on the weekend of our Spring Academy (Apil 25th to 27th) so hotel booking should be no problem. Nonetheless, it's wise to book early. The nearest hotel is the Clara Haus but there are many other hotels and hostels nearby. Many can be found through HRS booking . You could also have a look at Couchsurfing and/or AirBNB. For more information, pleae see Leipzig Tourist Information .

About Leipzig

Leipzig offers a lot of interesting places, that are not to be missed. This includes the famous "Völkerschlachtdenkmal" and the nearby Asisi Panometer. The latter includes a huge 3,500m² 360° panorama of Leipzig one day after the end of the Battle of the Nations (1813). Click here for more information.

Equally astonishing is the Leipzig's Zoo including the great "Gondwana Land", which is a 16,500m² big dome of tropical forest. It contains 300 animals of 40 different species in addition to 17,000 tropical plants. Click here for more information.

In addition to this Leipzig offers a myriad of authentic places of musical and cultural importance in very close vicinity to each other. You want to see where famous composers like Felix Mendelssohn, Robert Schumann and Edvard Grieg worked and lived? Join in a guided tour around the most important of those places on Sunday, 27th of April from 11am to 1pm. Click here for more information.

Contact and further information

Please use the contact form of this site for further information. "Emergency calls" can be made on Mr. Daniel Grabic's cell phone. Daniel will assist us during the whole Academy. You will receive his phone number upon registration.

We would be delighted to welcome you here in Leipzig! :-)


Carolina & Thierry


Registration Form


Please use this contact form to register yourself for the Theremin Spring Academy in Leipzig 2014. Please fill out all fields. Your data will be kept private.

Please also include your mobile phone number in case we need to call you, for example if we need to change the time slot of your individual or group lesson.

You will get a confirmation e-mail if your registration is complete. If you did not get an e-mail, something might have gone wrong.


Carolina Eyck

German-born musician and composer Carolina Eyck is one of the world’s foremost theremin virtuosi. She has demonstrated a passion for teaching by publishing her theremin method book and providing lessons around the world.

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Thierry Frenkel

Known as the "Thérémingénieur", Thierry Frenkel might be one of the most important persons in the whole theremin community. He is famous for introducing his ESPE01 module to improve the pitch range of many theremin models and for his EPVM1345 module to fix certain design flaws in professional theremins like the Moog Etherwave Pro. Thierry's knowledge and expertise is seeked world-wide by every indivudual who wants to get the most out of his or her theremin. Thierry is also known for a long tradition of giving classes to aspiring theremin players, having attended and teached at almost all of the major Theremin festivals and academys throughout Europe.

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Guided tour through Leipzig «Music Trail» / «Notenspur»:
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