The Art of Playing the Theremin (PDF) - method book by Carolina Eyck

This book includes more than 150 exercises and etudes related to practice, introductory explanations for every chapter and numerous coloured pictures on 90 pages. Over 20 well-known as well as new pieces of different skill-levels are included within the book. The lessons are didactically structured in respect to further lessons and workshops you can book with Carolina.


  • Written and arranged by: Carolina Eyck
  • Graphic design: Stefan Duda
  • Layout: Uta Eyck and Tomas Nawka
  • English translation: Dr. Jim Franklin
  • Editor and musical typography: Jan Bilk
  • Publisher: SERVI Verlag, Berlin
  • ISBN 3-933 757-08-8
  • EAN 4025 1187 0632
  • 3rd edition © 2009 SERVI Verlag, Berlin


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