Together with an assembled team of skilled musicians Carolina is developing a new set of music, encompassing different styles of electronics and jazz-related standards. Having already played in different exclusive venues they have also performed at the renowned LuostoClassic Festivalin Luosto, Finland in August 2013.  

Carolina Eyck (*1987)

Besides her engagements in the area of classical and contemporary music, Carolina loves improvising and composing. She was winner of the International Competition for Composers arranged by Radio/TV Berlin-Brandenburg in 2006. She keeps on discovering new soundscapes and unconventional methods of play. For Carolina, music and painting belong together as she is not thinking in tunes, but in colours when improvising.

Lukas Rabe (*1983)

is a musician, audioproducer and composer. After a childhood focused on juggling he was on stage as a pianoplayer with orchestras, Jazzbands, classicalmusicians, choirs, Djs, Housewives, Singers, Stars, Improvisers, Artists, Swindlers, Actors in Clubs, Theaters, Circuses, Halls, Tents. He studied piano and Arrangement with Richie Beirach in Leipzig at HMT and in Paris at the CNSM. Now he works in a lot of Projects using keys of pianos, computers and synthesizers. Motivated by improvisation and being interested in varieties of playing his Music is influenced by practicing Chopin in the morning and enjoying electronic clubsounds at night having jazz on his mind.


has always been bass player since early age. In 2013, he finished his studies in Jazz and Popular music at the HMT in Leipzig. He played in multiple bands like the Dark Suns, M.E.A.N., hot'n'nasty and Mud Muhaka. He has attended masterclasses and workshops with Richie Beirach and the headhunters.


Studying at HFM Dresden and HMT Leipzig. In 2007 he won the Jazzcompetition „ Jugend Jazzt“. In 2014 he won the „Neuer Münchner Jazzpreis“. He toured in India, USA, Poland, Latvia, Finland; Austria, Italy; Switzerland, France and Portugal. In 2015 he formed a Duo with the Autor Nora Gomringer and plays around 30 Gigs p. a. Philipp worked with and learned from: Werner Neumann, Heinrich Köbberling, Rudi Mahall, Pablo Held, Hayden Chisholm, Jürgen Friedrich, Johannes Enders, Yves Theiler and many more.

Carolina Eyck Band - Drawings (Trio)

Carolina Eyck Band - Song for Birds