How did you start to play the theremin?

I've been playing the instrument since the early age of 7. My parents are musicians and artists themselves, focused on electronic music. One day, they saw the theremin in a concert by Lydia Kavina and bought a theremin for me afterwards.

Does playing the theremin affect your health?

I really don't think so. I have never experienced anything negative. The inventor of the theremin, Leon Theremin himself died at the age of 97. ;)

Which model do you play at the moment?

I currently play the Etherwave Pro by Moog. I also own an Etherwave Plus by Moog with the "Pitch Extension Module" by Thierry Frenkel which I use as a back-up instrument.

Which instrument would you recommend for me to buy?

Since the Etherwave Pro by Moog is not being made any longer, I would recommend the Etherwave Standard or Plus theremin by Moog. I would then highly recommend to install the "Pitch Extension Module" ESPE01 by Thierry Frenkel, it will considerably raise the quality of your instrument.

Which effect does the ESPE01 by Thierry Frenkel have?

The ESPE01 module adds 2 octaves of range in the bass register of the Moog Etherwave Standard and PLUS theremins. It consists of a small electronic circuit that is installed onto the circuit board of the Etherwave. The installation should only be performed by people with experience in soldering and electronics. What is very important with any theremin is the linearity of the pitch field. The ESPE01 module not only extends the pitch range, but also the linearity is improved, and continues into the lowest register. Additionally the timbre of the Etherwave is a bit smoother when the ESPE01 module is present. This is especially noticeable in the low register, where with the original design the timbre can get quite harsh. With the ESPE01 module installed, the selected timbre is continued in the added low register, giving the Etherwave theremin an even more natural sonic flow to its full pitch range.

Can I use your playing technique on the Theremini by Moog?

I think the Theremini is a fun instrument for musicians who want to create cool sounds and scales. I don't believe it is a instrument for classical music, my playing technique would only work very limited on this instrument.

Which speaker do you use?

Basically it is best to use an active speaker, not a guitar or bass amp. Currently I'm playing with the SR JAM 150 - STW 250 Akustik Amp + Subbass. For a small and cheaper option I would recommend the Yamaha MSP 5 Studio speaker.

Which effect units do you use?

I currently use four effect pedals by BOSS: The PS-6 Harmonist, DD-7 Digital Delay, OC-3 Super Octave and RC-50 Loop Station.

Which chair and stand do you use?

Since I'm playing sitted, I use the KM 14044 stool (adjustable hight!). A much cheaper option is the Harley Benton Guitar stool. For the Etherwave Standard/Plus theremin I use the KM 252 microphone stand (without the arm), because you can set it much lower than usual microphone stands.

How can I book a lesson (in person or online)?

Just have a look at my "Lessons"-page. There you can see the dates available and book a lesson directly.

Do I need to know your playing technique for the first lesson?

No, it is not necessary. It is great, if you already have some knowledge, but we can work on everything during the lesson.

Is it necessary to be able to read music when you play the theremin?

It definitely helps and I would recommend you to learn it. But for the first lessons there are exercises which we can do without reading any music also.


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