Fazil Say // Mesopotamia Symphony [Scenes from a rehearsal]

Mesopotamia & Universe Symphony by Fazil Say

CD and DVD (Imaj TV ve Video Yapimcik AS © 2013) with Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra, Fazil Say/piano, Gürer Aykal/conductor, Carolina Eyck/theremin

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Track list

"Mesopotamia" Symphony op. 38

  1. Two Children in the Plain
  2. Tigris River
  3. About the Culture of Death
  4. Melodrama
  5. Sun
  6. Moon
  7. Bullet
  8. Euphrates River
  9. About War
  10. Ballad of Mesopotamia

"Universe" Symphony op. 43

  1. Expansion of the Universe
  2. Venus
  3. Storm in Jupiter
  4. Earth-like Planet Gliese 581 g
  5. Supernova
  6. Dark Matter