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Theremin And Orchestra


Theremin Solo and Orchestra - original works

Kalevi Aho Theremin Concerto "Eight Seasons" for Theremin and Chamber Orchestra (2011) 

Anis Fuleihan "Fantasy" Concerto for Theremin and Orchestra (1945)

Bohuslav Martinu "Fantasia" for Theremin, Oboe, Piano, String Orchestra (1944)

Andrew Norman Theremin Concerto "Air" for Theremin and Orchestra (2011)

Miklós Rózsa "Spellbound Concerto"  for Theremin, Oboe, Piano and Orchestra (1945)

Joseph Schillinger "First Airphonic Suite" for Theremin and Orchestra (1929)

Jan Bilk "Stigma Integrum Concerto" for Theremin and String Orchestra (2006)

Carolina Eyck "Syllableaves" for Theremin and Orchestra (2009)

Theremin Solo and Orchestra - arrangements

Antonín Dvorák: "Waldesruhe" op. 68, no. 5 for Theremin and Orchestra

Gabriel Fauré: "Sicilienne" op. 78 for theremin and Orchestra

Theremin in Orchestra Music

Fazil Say (2012): "Universe" Symphony No. 3

Fazil Say (2011): "Mesopotamia" Symphony No. 2

Lera Auerbach (2011): "Cinderella" Ballet

Lera Auerbach (2007): "The Little Mermaid" Ballet

Lera Auerbach (2006): First Symphony

Lera Auerbach (2006): "Icarus"

Howard Shore (2000): "Ed Wood Suite"

Miklós Rósza (1945): "Spellbound Concerto"  for Piano and Orchestra